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I stumbled upon Shine ALOUD and Shine ALOUD Magazine through twitter. This site and magazine are great resources for sex and relationship education for young people. Shit — adults could learn a thing or two from them too.

Shine ALOUD Magazine Issue 6

Click on image to go to ISSUE 6: July 2014

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Canada’s Concerning New Bill on Sex Work

Bill C-36 threatens to change the face of sex work in Canada… and not necessarily for the better. How does criminalizing sex workers’ behaviour help them, especially if they are being coerced/forced into the sex trade? See CBC’s coverage here.

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Research to Help the Canadian Sex Industry

I don’t know much about this project, but it seems like an excellent initiative to help improve laws and safety around sex work.

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The “Right” Way To Do Poly?

Great article about people’s attitudes that some kinds of poly are right, some wrong.

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IUDs & The Law

Should IUDs be covered under companies’ health insurance policies regarding birth control? Consider the not-so-simple facts. Continue reading

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