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Amazon Shows You Drug Dealing Supplies

Amazon’s data mining algorithms can supply you with a basic toolkit for drug dealing. Continue reading

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Cheeky Infographics That Illustrate Some of Life’s Truths

Thank you Bored Panda and “Wumo” for these delightful infographics. Continue reading

Canada’s Cultural Exports Clashing with Asia

Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber are busy being bad ambassadors. Continue reading

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Group Projects

Gotta love this graphic. Too true.

Group Projects


Beards: Scarcity Makes Them Hot

Attention all hipsters and beard-lovers! The best way to keep beards hot? Make sure few people have ’em. Continue reading

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WEBSITE: This is Colossal

Check it. Wicked blog/website about art and design.

this is colossal