BLOG: Sex:Positive

BLOG Sex Positive

A companion blog to Brook’s Sex:Positive site, this fine tumblr is chock full of LGBT-friendly, safer-sex-supportive, and body-image-affirming content. Seems to be mostly reblogs and, according to the site, is curated by young volunteers.

The blog’s mission statement, in it’s own words:

Why is sex taboo? Why do we allow young people to be stereotyped as promiscuous and irresponsible yet at the same time deprive them of the vital information they need to make safe and healthy choices?

If you’d prefer to live in a world which is more open and honest about sex and relationships, celebrates sexuality and embraces individuality then join the Sex:Positive campaign.

The post I’m currently looking at offers up a healthy nugget of wisdom about gender:

This is reminiscent of @emopreteen’s delightful tweet that deserves to be shouted from rooftops:

twitter can't figure out gender


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  1. […] Brought to you by the fine folks at Brook, the Sex:Positive blog offers a, well, sex positive (!) attitude with a focus on young […]

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