BLOG: Boinkology 101

BLOG Boinkology 101

What first strikes me about this blog is it’s no-frills design. But what it lacks in razzle dazzle, it more than makes up for in rich content.

Not stimulated enough by run-of-the-mill sex toys? You’re not alone.

Ever wonder what it would be like to charge for all that sex you’re having? Hear from someone who’s done it.

Is your smartphone too dumb to handle your sexting? You’ve got nothing on this guy.

And what’s more, the blog is conveniently aware of our busy lives and the vastness of the internet: each article tells you how long of a read it is. Thanks Boinkology 101!



Footnote: In all six of the six posts I just read, I noticed 1-2 typos. Simple and easily missable, but this detracts from the otherwise high quality writing and content.


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One thought on “BLOG: Boinkology 101

  1. […] Sex, technology, and politics. For a geek like me, there’s no better combination! Boinkology 101 smartly and succinctly combines it all in […]

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