Breaking: Fox News on Leggings

Fox news spewing more nonsense — this time about the inappropriateness of leggings in the classroom.


Don’t get me wrong — I think leggings-as-pants are an atrocious fashion choice. But I’d say it was the #1 thing I wore throughout primary school. Leggings are easy-to-wear, versatile, and cheap. What more could parents ask for when dressing their child?! And the comfort… don’t even get me started on how comfortable they are!

But according to resident Fox News “expert” Dr. Keith Ablow, leggings are exclusively worn to attract sexual attention and they are disruptive to boys’ learning experience. In fact, girls who wear them warrant any harassment that they get. After all, we can’t do anything to prevent boys from being boys. You know, I just hate it when boys get all rapey. It’s just in their nature! We really can’t do anything to fight that kind of behaviour so we’ll have to work to change how girls dress.


We’ve made girls into boys.

Statement of the century Keith, my man.

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