Study DOES NOT Prove Pot Rot’s Your Brain

Surprise, surprise. The results of a study about drugs are not actually as dire and dramatic as the media would have you believe.

Weed Rot Your Brain

Just in time for 420, the media is a-buzz with a study that suggests you’re ruining your brain if you smoke pot! This Daily Beast article takes a critical perspective of the study and injects a healthy bit of media deconstruction rather than titillating regurgitation. And the tongue-in-cheek tone certainly helps make the point.

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2 thoughts on “Study DOES NOT Prove Pot Rot’s Your Brain

  1. PeteThornton says:

    I think these drugs are useful also as if they are so harmful then how can it be used in medicinal therapy?

    • rsktor says:

      Well, there can still be associated harms, without a doubt. But it’s about doing more research to better understand the harms and benefits. And, unfortunately, when substances are illegal it takes lots of time and money to get clearance for studies. See this Channel 4 show..
      But with more research, perhaps we can isolate the benefits from the risks and create better drugs for treatment and therapy.
      A case in point.

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