My Public Wifi Rant

I love working in coffee shops. Why must network service providers thwart my productivity?!?!

wifi angry


When I am trying to get work done, trading my home for a coffee shop can yield a huge increase in productivity. Excellent! Not so when you want to blog/research about sexy stuff. I just had this happen to me:

blocked access


And the site in question? Not porn, not graphic images of nudity and “smut” and “sin”… but the site Oy Joy, Sex Toy, an illustrated site that features comics with sex toy reviews and general sex education. It has drawings of various body parts in states of undress and frank conversation about sex and pleasure.

Hell, shouldn’t news sites and stories like this and this and this should be blocked for their depictions of disgusting violence? Surely these words and images are more problematic and traumatizing than drawings of vulvas, a body part that over half of the world’s population has. Gimme a break. We need to get a grip on how something that nearly every single human being has done since the dawn of existence gets flaunted when ad campaigns can make use of it but gets censored for education or discussion-of-pleasure purposes.

Hit with a sudden flash of activism, I looked at the above warning message and thought, “I do believe that this page should not be blocked O2, I do!” I proudly clicked on the “let us know” link and wrote my impassioned plea:

Hi there, I am a sexual health advisor and blogger and enjoy coming to Costa coffee to get my work done. Unfortunately, many of the sites that I access for my job are deemed “inappropriate” by O2. These sites are not pornographic, but do explicitly discuss sex. I am sensitive to the people around me when accessing these sites in public because I can appreciate others’ perspectives who deem this content inappropriate. Please don’t force me to go to another coffee shop/network provider because of the restrictions you are imposing. Is there any way around this?

What a rush! I’m sticking it to the man! I’ll show O2! In my optimistic prediction of the future, I envision O2 writing my back and apologizing for interfering with my productivity. I see them giving me special access to all of the sexy sites I could imagine and congratulating me for doing good work to advance the cause of sexual freedom in the world. Isn’t it great to speak your mind and achieve positive results?!

And when I click the “submit” button, I am met with an O2 error page. I have no idea if my complaint even went through.

Such is life.

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