Life Lessons for your 30s

These don’t just apply to your 30s but rather your 0s to ∞s.

I love the “crowdsourcing” methodology of this article. Polling subscribers for feedback is an excellent use of resources and the extent of feedback shows how much people want to share their experiences.

Admittedly, I didn’t finish reading these tips… C’mon — I’ve still got a few years before my 30s to fill with bad habits! Does that say something about me? Or am I just a product of my generation? And of this song. And this one. *shrugs innocently*


One thought on “Life Lessons for your 30s

  1. galambertii says:

    I read that article and it was a great one. I’m new to blogging and found your blog among certain tags that I’ve used. Great to meet ya and looking to see more content from you! =)

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