Carpentry & Sex at Last*

*No, I am not condoning the use of power tools in the bedroom.

Iris Trstenjak's Wood Dildos

In my relatively short life, I have had the pleasure of working in sexual health, television production, and carpentry. My friends and family have often mused about ways to incorporate all three passions into a single career. By jove –I’ve found it! Too bad the genius of Iris Trstnjak and her “Dee Lee Doo” product line have beat me to it.

Thanks Jezebel for linking through to this. In the words of the company’s creator herself, she is a:

twentysix years old Wood designer from Slovenia, who wants to spread the joy with wooden dildos

Gotta love it. Check out her beautiful work:

Dee Lee Doo

Also, see the first comment on the Jezebel article. Painfully punny.

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