Boys from Mars, Girls from Venus?

Yet another piece in popular culture about whether male/female differences are innate or learned. What delightfully over-simplified binaries! Turns out all sexes are actually from Earth. Go figure.

Sunday Express Boys & Girls

So which is it? Are we wired differently or is that difference taught? GIVE ME AN ANSWER. Are humans forever destined to classify things into convenient yet problematic two-categoried polar-opposites?

This article gives a bit of wiggle-room and cites neuroscientist Lise Eliot, who puts much more weight into brain plasticity than any innate differences between the sexes. What a squishy, malleable grey space indeed! Apparently, we can support “rounded” brains by encouraging a “balanced play diet” in our children.

Easier said than done.

When there’s still shit like this for adults…

…it comes as no surprise that it’s even worse for kids:

Gendered Toys BoingBoing

We’ll get there someday, I hope.



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