The Importance of Sex-Positive Sex Education

A brilliant piece about the importance of sex-positivity in sex education, especially for young people.


“…protecting ourselves requires more than a condom.  It requires a belief that we are deserving of sex without negative consequences.”

“Protecting ourselves when it comes to sex is fundamentally about individual power and autonomy.”

“It’s about gaining knowledge and understanding the risks and minimizing said risks.”

“It’s about taking individual responsibility and collective care.”

Yes, yes, YES!!! Marry me, Marnie Goldenberg.

I will be returning to this article time and time again as a reference for working with young people. Marnie Goldenberg has been involved with Planned Parenthood Toronto. I have been involved with Planned Parenthood Toronto. If I can contribute to the world of healthier sex to the extent that she has, I will be a very fulfilled person.

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